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ToDo 2016 Update Wish List + 3rd Party Windows Support

Been using this app on and off for years and now with iPad Pro + Keyboard I find myself using it much more often however, this is what I'd like to see in ToDo soon! .... Please give some feedback or contact me directly if interested in collaboration: iPad Pro Smart Keyboard support: -Create New Task : "cmd" + N " -Edit Task Due Date: "cmd" + "D". -Edit Task Due Time: "cmd" + "T" -Change Priority: "cmd" + "P" -Complete Task: "cmd" + "return" -Add / Change Alert: "cmd" + "A" -Star / Unstar task: "cmd" + "S" -Add / Edit Repeating: "cmd + "R" -Navigate between selected lists & tasks: "cmd + arrow keys" iPad Pro Function: -Support for split screen mode iPad Pro Pencil: -Support for Drawing in Notes 3rd party sync support: -instead of building a Windows PC app or other platform app, open up, to the user, the sync database in stored Dropbox file or create a method for access to the ToDo cloud file so that a 3rd party can edit the data. -I've been able to accomplish the continuous editing portion with Visual Basic in Microsoft excel and now have a full blown working ToDo like application on Windows but can't reliably access the ToDo DB File, to keep items in sync. For a 3rd party dev. like myself, it's not that hard, especially because I have profound understanding of task management and user interface. ToDo Calendar: -Upgrade the ToDo Calendar view to full screen modes for Day / Week / Month, you're almost there. -Humans are visual people when it comes to evaluating our tasks in a list as much as we are when looking at tasks across a multi day calendar view. It helps the user "see" & understand tasks, appointments, important dates, and make decisions about task distribution when we can see a full blown calendar like other Apps currently do now. New type of List: NOTES ONLY LIST: This new list type can fall into the same hierarchy structure that lists, projects, tasks currently do, but with the following missing and added functions: Remove Functions: -the ability for completion. (A note or Secure note should never have completion function) Do Not Remove Functions: The ability for a reminder to be added as some note lists items are helpful when an expiration or renewal date is one of the item fields. Add New Functions: -Password protect viewing of these lists -Touch Copy Paste of fields such as password field / user name field / url / etc -Create strict field template structure (user editable) at the Project / List Level. This will allow for a Project Group to be for simple 4 field structure for things like "Birthdays" or "Website Logins" and also allow complex 8+ field lists such as "Home Inventory Items", "Cooking Recipes" etc. I'll end this wish list on this note: On Windows: I've been developing a full blown, fast, remarkably easy to use project / task Managment application that blows away anything currently available on any platform. It does all of these things and more. I'm willing to crossover sync function with ToDo (because ToDo has potential & I use it! ). OR because I have a personal need for seemless workflow from PC to Mac to iPad to iPhone, if ToDo doesn't start to make headway I'll probably end up creating a competing new iOS app on my own with fuller function. Cheers!
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You've got lots of great ideas here. Thank you. This is all very helpful as we work to move the app forward. Wanted to see if we could get more of your thoughts on our Calendar feature.

We have had a popular response to the possibility of bringing the calendar view back in Todo 9.0. As we update/build features, we really like hearing how our customers are using them and/or what they’d want to see out of them. 

I’ve started a forum for customers who are users of the Calendar View to post about how they use it and what they would like to see in it. We’d love for you to join the conversation. Would you mind taking a few minutes to share your thoughts with us?

Here is the forum:

Thank you in advance for your time.

Best regards,

Kevin Wunder

Director of Marketing

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