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May 2016 Update Concerns

The new update takes away all the unique things I loved about todo cloud !!! No longer shows list names next to the task and it's not obvious by colour either ! You can't make your own shortcut bar anymore ! And I tried to add smart lists for the upcoming month and not only do they not work, you can't edit or delete them ! Gosh I hope we see some changes otherwise it's just like any other ordinary todo app that you can get for free ! This used to be my favourite app ! Please help !

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Morning ! Ok so I've tried again this morning and it now allows me to edit and delete smart lists, but I still can't get them to work :(
I agree. I hate the new update. Must be time to find a new list management app.
I agree. I hate this new update. Must be time to find a new To Do List app.

There are a couple of support articles we published that give some of the nitty-gritty details of Smart Lists that are linked at the bottom of this blog post:

However, we'd be happy to help you get a Smart List set up to work just like what you'd like. Just let just let us know.



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