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Todo iPad 9.3.1 where is time setting?

Hi, not sure about the latest todo update - it seems very sparse. However, my biggest issue is how do I set reminder times in the new UI? I can see "remind me 1 hour before etc", but where do you set an actual tube? In the old UI it had a separate time entry, but the new UI has no time setting? Fortunately on my iPhone I gave t update, and so can set times. But why is it missing in the new UI? Help?

To answer my own question as Appigo don't seem todo support - this looks like it was fixed in the 9.3.2 update.

Hi there, 

We're sorry its taken this long to get back to you. To add a time to your task please select the first Remind Me option from the task edit screen. Selecting this will allow you to set the time for your tasks. 



Hi - this doesn't seem to work for all my items? I thought it was fixed in the recent update but it seems that many of my existing entries just show a reminder box that says : remind me 5 mins before, 1 hour before, etc. There is no time displayed? Some of them do show a time? In the old Ui, these same entries show a time? This looks like a bug to me. Hopefully you can reply promptly, as it's not ideal.
My reply to this item has gone missing, so I will post again. There appears to be a bug in todo as many of my items appear with no time setting! Not all of them - but many existing items when edited just show "xxx before" reminder settings with no way of knowing when before actually is. If I look at this items in the old app on a different device, I can see a time. On the new app, newer items seem to have a time that I can edit. This is very inconvenient and I don't fancy recreating quite a lot of old items to resolve this. I'm also quite frustrated with how little support you seem to offer particularly given I have a subscription ,not a one off payment) that should cover support.


Apologies for the delayed response. We're playing a little bit of catch up on some of these requests. Hopefully we can pick up this dialog here. We're sorry for any inconvenience that the update/upgrade may have caused, specifically to previous tasks. I'm going to convert this discussion to a support ticket so that our support team can help track this better.

I want to make sure that I'm understanding your concern correctly. Tasks that were present in Todo before the upgrade, that previously had times associated with reminders no longer show up with that time. They instead show up with a "'x' before" indicator? While tasks that are added anew are behaving differently wherein you are able to see the time associated with the reminder/alert. Is that correct?

Would you mind attached a screenshot of both behaviors so that we can get a better idea of what's happening?

I'm going to have Keno, who leads support, jump in here to help.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Best regards,


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