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Smart list filter request: Doesn't Match

I would like the ability to filter OUT tasks that match a tag or tag(s).   Here is a use case:

When I travel, I would like to apply the Temporarily Hide tag.  I will edit the Focus list to exclude items with this tag.  This way my task list is clean of tasks that are Due or Overdue and need to be addressed when I get back.   If someone else picks up the slack and works on the tasks in a shared list, great.  Otherwise, I don't want to clutter my view while I'm traveling with a bunch of overdue tasks.

Now that the contexts where converted to tags, I can no longer do this unless I completely remove the context tags.


Great feedback. I think that the slight distinction and call out of these tasks being tasks that are repeating highlights what you're looking for. 

Again, we sure appreciate the feedback. I'll include in our product discussions as we plan/determine feature updates and enhancements.

Thank you!

Best regards,


In fact, now that I look at this more, I can set up a smart list and choose multiple specific user names, but I can't choose a user name and Unassigned at the same time.   I believe this would address my issue completely.
Hello Kevin,

I've given this some more thought and have decided to experiment with just assigning tasks in our shared folders.   This would allow me to just filter on tasks assigned to me while I'm traveling.   The only snag I run into right away are personal tasks.   When personal tasks are created, they are not assigned to me by default.  

It would be really nice to be able to set up a smart filter that showed tasks assigned to me and also tasks that were unassigned (one smart list, not two).   Because tasks are created without assignment, it would save me a step of editing the task and assigning a personal task to myself.  It would also allow me to quickly see both personal and shared tasks that are unassigned so I can assign them to the appropriate person.

When I create a smart list filter, it seems that you can only choose Unassigned, Anyone or a specific person's name.   If I had the ability to choose both Unassigned and my name, it could quickly allow me to see potential tasks that I need to address while filtering out tasks that were specifically assigned to someone else - whether I am in the office or traveling.

Is there a way to do this that I may be overlooking?

Thanks... Mike
Hello Kevin,

Thanks for your detailed response.

I currently don't use the "Temporarily Hide" tag.   It was an idea I had when I saw the new Smart List feature combined with ideas I've had when traveling where I've thought to myself "boy, I wish I could hide some of these repeating tasks from my view when traveling while letting someone else handle them as they are normally scheduled."   Let's say I have some repeating IT tasks that are shared between a couple people.   I'm primarily responsible for the tasks when I am in the office and I want to hide them when I am traveling.   I don't really use the user assignment feature much since these are shared tasks lists and the assignment is really whoever can get to the shared tasks.  Having a "doesn't match" filter could make this easier.

I don't think your alternate suggestion really helps me.  

Here is an example scenario:

IT Task named "Check server backups" that repeats every 3 days.   Before I travel on my trip, I look through all tasks that will be due while I'm gone so I get ahead of anything that will be due while I'm traveling.   If I'm gone for 2 weeks, the "Check server backups" will occur many times during the 2 week interval.   I'd rather focus on "my" tasks, so it would be nice to temporarily hide the "Check server backups" task while leaving the other repeating IT Tasks visible in case I need to address them while I'm gone.

Does that example make sense?   The smart list "doesn't match" feature would allow me to hide these tasks.  

Another possible approach would be to allow me to filter on Assigned to "me" and Assigned to "unassigned."  I could then assign the "Check server backups" to someone else and only the unassigned and assigned tasks would show up in my list.



Thanks for providing this feedback. That is definitely a great suggestion and we appreciate you sharing the use case with us as well. This is definitely something for us to discuss as we continue to build out our Smart List functionality.

I've got a couple of follow up questions/suggestions, if you don't mind.

"Temporarily Hide" tag

How do you use this? Is this a tag that you add at task creation, or something that you add to a tag (or group of tags) when you're planning? In the use case above, would you go through and identify the tasks that fall outside of your travel time and apply (individually through batch editing) this tag to each? And then remove them when you are back?

I'm interested to know how you use this currently. Thank you.

Due and Overdue filtering while travelling

I think that what you're hoping to do can still be accomplished with Smart Lists, specifically as it relates to Due and Overdue tasks. One way that I would consider accomplishing this is by creating a Smart List that ONLY includes tasks that have due dates within your specified travel period. This would be a "short-lived" Smart List, but one that can be created in a matter of minutes that will give you the visibility you need.

Other use cases

Are there other use cases that you would use an "Exclude Tag" filter?

Thank you in advance for your additional feedback. Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


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