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Need to display list names in Smart Lists

Focus used to have an option to display list names, but that seems to be gone. We have a separate list for each of our rental houses, and each list has identical recurring items, such as "clean gutters." Now when "clean gutters" appears on the focus list, we have to drill down to see which property it refers to. If a checklist appears on the focus list, we have to drill down two levels to identify the property. Appigo, please let us know if this feature is coming back. We're long-time users (and defenders) of ToDo, and it pains me to be researching alternatives.


Thank you for your feedback here. I apologize for the delayed response, we're just getting caught up to some of these discussions. 

I'm sorry for an inconvenience that this changed may have caused. I'll discuss this with the team here. What would be helpful for our discussions is to know how you're using this function. I have an assumption, but want to be sure that I'm correct.

You mention the task "Clean Gutters" that appears in a focus list. Am I right in assuming that you may own a few properties where this is a recurring task and each property is a separate list? You use these lists to track the work that need to be done by property and so you rely on your focus list to plan where you need to assign work to be done. Is this correct?

Are there other ways that you are using this function?

In the current update, tasks appear with the color (red circle on the left) of the list that they are coming from, but you're looking for something more explicit. Is that correct?

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"Yes, you're correct. 

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