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We are working on an update Calendar view in Todo Cloud for iOS (9.0). There has been a lot of feedback to get this back into the app, so we’re responding. 

As you’ve worked with this feature, we’re interested to know how you use it. The more we know about how you use this feature, the better the feature will be.

  • Are you simply looking at workload? 
  • Are you planning and adding tasks as you review your calendar view? 
  • Are you scheduling?
  • How does it fit into your workflow?

We also want to know: What do you want to do with a calendar view that you can't currently? We can’t promise to meet everyone’s desires, but all of your feedback and ideas are appreciated.

Thank you!

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I used the calendar view when rescheduling multiple tasks at the same time.   I clicked "edit," selected all the tasks I wanted to move to a particular day, then dragged them all to that date on the calendar.

I used the calendar view to plan my week.  For example, I would tap on a day to see what tasks were assigned to that day.  I'd go through each day of the week like that.  

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I use it to plan my week as well. Additionally I liked filtering by lists then opening calendar view and as I'm rescheduling tasks I could previously press and hold a current date on the calendar to see the # of tasks that were already in that day. This helped a lot to not have too many tasks in a day.

I don't always use the same lists when filtering through calendar, I believe now we have to create separate smart lists every time I want to do something like this which could create a lot of clutter. The new smart lists are still great tho as I get more used to using them, but I still do miss the calendar filtering a lot :)

Thank you all. We want you to know that we're currently working on an implementation of Todo 9.0 that includes the Calendar View. We appreciate your feedback.


We wanted to let you know that the newest version of Todo Cloud (9.0.6) which was released on July 30 includes the Calendar View. You can read about some of the changes here:

If you like what you're seeing, we'd love a positive review on the App Store.

Thank you so much for your feedback. It really is helpful to hear from you as we strive to make the best to-do list and task management app available.

Please keep the suggestions/feedback coming.


Kevin Wunder

Director of Marketing

When I want to change the due date of a task I select the calendar. However, the calendar view is often of the past few weeks. I then need to scroll to future weeks. The calendar view should automatically go to future weeks.

Hi Art, 

We've been able to reproduce this and I've reported this to our development team for re-assesment. 

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