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Default Priority - WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK

We have seen a number of requests to bring back the feature to allow you to set a default priority for all new tasks. We’re interested to hear use cases and how customers are using this setting and how it fits into your workflow.

If this is a feature you miss from Todo 8, or one that you weren’t aware of that you think you’d like to see, we’d love to hear how you’re using it. The more we know about how you use these functions, the better decisions we can make as we prioritize and plan for feature enhancements/improvements.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Best regards,

Kevin Wunder

Director of Marketing

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I valued the feature from Todo 8 -- both in voice-enabled commands and in typing new tasks. When issuing voice commands, I find it rather tedious to follow the current intelligent parsing to force-prioritize a task to prevent it from slipping under the radar. When typing, it's less tedious, but would still be a time-save on the margin for me. Frankly, with the limited voice functionality that ties a precise time to each new task, the prioritization is less important, but I'm also hoping that that functionality improves, as well--and when it does, the priority default will become a significant tool.


Thank you for this feedback. The voice commands are somewhat limited due to restrictions around how to use Siri from a technical standpoint. We are seeing Apple open up the Siri implementation and hope that we'll begin seeing much more flexibility and functionality due to that...but only time will tell.

When you enter tasks, do you automatically assign each a priority? When you set a default task priority, what is it and how do you adjust when editing/planning tasks?

Thank you,


Been using Todo for years. Always used Medium default and adjust as needed from there.

It would be nice if there ware additional  settings for the defaults when creating a new task, including priority and Important (star) status.

I always used Medium as a priority default.  Would like the option back on Cloud and iOS.

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