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Suggestions for the new 9.x update

I like the look of the new 9.x update.  But I have a few suggestions.  

  • List Names - The check box (circle) in a Smart List shows the original list's color option, but putting the list name somewhere would be something I'd like to see.
  • Sorting by List - Again, in Smart Lists, I'd like to be able to sort by the list, so all of my to do items for each project were grouped together.  The sub-sort could by priority or due date.
  • "Any" - Another Smart List suggestion...You have a "Match All Of These" option for a Smart List, but not a "Match Any Of These".  For instance, I'd like a Smart List that shows all to dos that are "Starred" or have a High Priority, so I can see all of my most important tasks, not matter how I designate them as high priority.
  • Subtasks - Finally, for tasks that have Project or Checklist subtasks, can you make the subtasks more prominent.  Right now there is just a small number to the right of the to do name.  I'd like to see them more prominently highlighted.  
And a question...What does "Show subtasks" do in a Smart List? I don't see any difference whether it is on or off.  


Glad you like the look of the new update and thank you very much for the feedback. I'll try and respond to each of your questions/suggestions:

  • List names - Thank you for this feedback. We've heard this feedback elsewhere as well and is something that we're discussing.
  • Sorting by list - This is a great suggestion. Our Smart List functionality is something that we're continuing to build and these kind of suggestions are very helpful in determining the right types of functionality that we build moving forward.
  • "Any" - this is something that we're discussing for future iterations of Smart Lists. Glad to hear another vote for it.
  • Visually highlighting/calling out projects vs. regular tasks is something that we're discussing and looking at solutions for as well.
  • "Show subtasks" - The general behavior is this - you won't see a change in the task count (when viewing on the list screen), but this would determine whether or not subtasks themselves (that meet the expected criteria of the Smart List) would show up. 

I hope that this provides some insight. Although I can't promise an if or when some of these will be implemented, please know that this type of feedback helps us know what to do and serves as a sort of vote for the type of functionality that our customers want.

Best regards,
Kevin Wunder
Director of Marketing

Thanks for the quick response.

Another vote here for an "Any" option on smart lists; I'm pretty much stuck with the original ToDo until/unless this is introduced. My Focus list is based on urgency (due today/tomorrow) and importance (starred).

Great product otherwise! Cheers!


Thanks for the response. Can you give me the exact criteria you're hoping to have in your Focus List and Important? Are you trying to create a Smart List whose filter is:

  • Task due today and tomorrow AND
  • Tasks that are Starred

If this is the case, you can create a custom Smart List that should allow this functionality. The filters you'll want to set are: 
  • Set starred to "On"
  • Set your date filter to: Due Date / Relative Date / Date range should be Start: "Now" and End "1 day from now"

As mentioned above, "Any" is something we're looking into. In the mean time, if there are others lists you're trying to create, we'd love to try and help you get them set up.

Kevin Wunder

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