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Retaining Device Time

Would like the option (or default) to keep task reminder time consistent with device time so they remain relative to location while travelling over time zones.

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Thank you for your suggestion, I have forwarded your request to our development team for further review and discussion. However we cannot give you an estimated turn around time as to when or if it will be implemented.



I'd like to second and third this one. I recently went on a trip out west, so from EST to PST. My iPhone changed the time zone automatically but so did my Todo times. So something that had an alert for 7:30 pm, went off at 4:30 pm. Without a time zone or relative time setting, that was sort of expected. However, when I returned home, back to EST, the alert still went off at 4:30 even though the Todo setting was 7:30. I had to set the alerts to none and then add them back. Luckily I didn't have too many alerts.


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