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Smart list filter request: User Assignment (multiple selections)

I wanted to continue on the conversation I started in this post regarding something I believe is needed in the Smart List configuration, since the title of that post is a little misleading.

I love the new smart list feature.  Now that I have added more Todo for Business users to our account and also started assigning tasks to users, it is clear to me that a simple change needs to be made to the User Assignment filter.

Right now, you can specify:
  • Unassigned
  • Anyone
  • One or more specific user names

You can't choose Unassigned and a Username.

At first I thought that perhaps this feature was only needed for me.  However, while I was setting up one of my employees with a smart list, I found out that the same filter was needed for her.  This is the only way that a user can see all possible tasks that might need their attention.

When a task is created, it is not assigned to a user by default, and there is no way to change new tasks to be assigned to myself (which I am fine with).   I would like to live in a Focus list.  I want to filter OUT tasks that are not assigned to me.   I want to filter IN tasks that are assigned to me or unassigned.

I can't currently do this.

This means that I have to live in two smart lists - those items which are unassigned and those items which are assigned to me.  Combining these two lists will give me things that might need my attention.  

If you allowed the ability to select Unassigned and Specific user (me), I would be able to live in a single smart list to keep my attention on everything.   Anything which is not assigned that should be can be easily assigned while browsing this smart list.   Anything which is assigned to me will be visible in this list.  Anything which is assigned to someone else will be filtered out.

I hope the justification behind this feature request is more clear now.   I'm guessing it would be something simple to change.

Thanks... Mike

Interestingly, I had yet another one of my business users ask me the question "How do I just see my own tasks?"   She is using the web client, so I showed her the older Filter feature on the web client.

Then later in the day she said "My entire Inbox is gone for To-Do??  When I switched to the Focus list, did I delete something?"

This is the third example at our company of someone who is 1. attached to shared folders 2. also creates personal task list in their Inbox (unassigned) and 3. wants to see their tasks through a filter and see both #1 and #2.

I know you are working on a new version of the web client.   Please keep this feature request in mind for both the Smart List on mobile device and the new web client.



Hi Michael, 

Thank you for taking the time out to share your detailed usage feedback. Please accept my apologies for not having respond sooner. 

These are very good usage scenarios and points and I'm going to have this shared with our Marketing and Development team for further review and discussion. 

Your feedback is valued by us, thanks again for sharing, have a great day. 

Happy Doing! 

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