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The MAC version update

Do you plan to refresh the MAC version with the fresh look of ver. 9 from iPhone?

Looking for your prompt reply.

Hi Piotr, 

We do have plans to update Todo Cloud for the the Mac platform along with Android and Todo Cloud Web. 

We're unable to state a timeline at the current moment but rest assured that this is actively being reviewed by our dev team. 

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I've been using Todo for Mac for years and have been on ToDo 6 for quite some time. Yesterday, without my permission, Apple installed iOS11 on my phone. The first time I tried to open Todo 6, I got a little message that this app doesn't work with iOS11. Thanks for the heads up, Apple! Now I can't use ToDo at all on my iPhone. I am not a fan of the cloud for everything on earth, so can you tell me what version of ToDo Basic runs on iOS11? If there isn't one now, when will there be?

Is there any update or beta for a Mac app?  I am assuming this is a dead project since the newest message is about 6 months ago.  I really want an app I can access while not connected so this will determine if I stay with Todo.

Hi Scott, 

You can download the latest version of Todo Cloud Mac from our download page here:

Hi Keno - last year, I switched over to another app (2Do) for my task management until you update the MAC desktop version to match the iOS version for ToDo Cloud.  (BTW - the iOS UI and the MAC UI are ubiquitous for 2Do which it the way ToDo Cloud used to be).  I forgot I was on auto renew with ToDo Cloud - just got hit with a $19.99 bill.   So basically I am just paid your for a deficient app suite that I never use.  Should I request a full refund or will you share the date for the MAC desktop update?  I'm willing to wait 30-45 days but beyond that I'm out.  As Sander points out - its been 18 months.  That's an eternity when it comes to app updates.  I really do hop you match the iOS version for the MAC desktop version.  Please reply ASAP so I know how to proceed.  I'd like to remain a paying customer to ToDo Cloud but it is a deal breaker for me that I cannot use this app on all platforms seamlessly.

We are working day and night in order to have the Mac app ready, we should be having an external beta available hopefully within this month. You can get a closer look at some of the changes to come by also trying our current Todo Cloud Web Beta here:

Still no Mac update? Still no smart lists? 

It's been 18 months since the last Mac update!

We're weeks away from having an update released, we've been working long and hard and we hope that you are as excited as we are. 

This might sound harsh, but some users care little about your nightshift. They might even think that's poor planning. We're not even unreasonably impatient, we want the same features that were introduced in the mobile version ages ago. Just be honest: the desktop version was not a priority. I personally could stomach honesty better than empty marketing slogans. Kind regards from Belgium!

Scott: there's no update, the last Mac version is indeed 2,3 years old. I could accept end-of-life status, I don't understand why a company would lie about it.

--> I cancelled my subscription and moved to a competitor a while back.

How can I request to participate in the Mac beta?

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