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Default Priority Settings - We Want Your Feedback

Dear Todo-ers,

We have seen requests/comments recently in forums, tickets, social media, emails, etc. regarding the ability to set a default priority to newly-entered tasks. 

We have discussed this a few times over the last month or so and are interested in the following:

  • How does this option fit into your workflow? How are you using it?
  • In what use cases are you using it the most? Are they for specific types of tasks?
We're trying to gather information about what our customers are wanting to see in a feature like this. Having this information helps us determine if this is something we want to include moving forward, how to improve the feature, or how to improve the app to work better for these types of scenarios.

Any feedback and comments would be welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Kevin Wunder
Director of Marketing | Appigo

This is a default I am able to set in the webversion. And it used exist in the iOS version. I just usually set all new tasks to High. I'm not sure if I have any more of a workflow then that.


Thank you. Helpful to know what you're doing with it. I've got a document where I'm documenting user comments/feedback about this feature. I'll add it for the team to review.



I like to set a default priority to Medium for all my tasks at first. If I need to move the priority up or down I can do that as needed. It's easier to modify just a few tasks than having to modify all tasks. Now because there is not a default I have to modify each task. Also, because there is not a priority I forget to assign a priority. Thanks.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, we'll certainly continue reviewing and discussing this feature further. 



Todo lite and ios10 crashing. It seems as though after updating to ios10, my app crashing when trying to update a task. After the fourth letter the app closes
Been using Todo for years. Always preferred Medium priority and adjust as needed from there.
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