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Intelligent Parsing isn't working right on the Mac version of To Do

When I use [date] to enter the "start date" and (date) to enter the due date on a new task in the Mac ToDo Cloud App, it adds the current date to the date I enter, and so yields a wrong result. For example, when I enter "Pick up laundry (8/15)" on August 11th, it enters "Pick up laundry" as a take due on August 26th. 

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Hi David, 

We're aware of this bug and our development team is having this looked into. The problem is directly related to version 3.0.7, if you'd like reverting to the previous version should resolve this. 

If you'd like a direct link to this version, please let me know. 


Support Specialist 

This bug is very annoying as the whole parsing becomes useless. (tomorrow) and (today) don't work anymore either. And working on such a showstopper for more than 3 months without seeing a patch makes me wonder how the support of Todo will continue to be fixed. Keno, i really hope you can tell me more concretely when this will be fixed. 

It hasn't been 3 months - it's been over 10 months.  (3.0.7 was released on January 14th, 2016).  I was told back on 1/19/16 that they had confirmed there was an issue and their development team were looking into a fix - I'm still waiting!  (I downgraded to 3.0.6 - which is their "recommended" method of fixing this.  Annoying always having a pending update in the App Store.)

Considering that this can't realistically be *that* complex to fix (as it worked fine in 3.0.6), I suspect Appigo just isn't interested in supporting the older versions of the product.  (Todo Cloud, with its subscription model, being a better method of generating recurring revenue, which I understand.)  It's just a shame that they broke their product and seem to have little interest in fixing this issue - at this point, I expect no new features in the older apps, but it would be nice if the "current" version worked properly.

This still hasn't been fixed, right? That's terrible. 

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