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Would love to see an update for ToDo 8 ! ( iOS 10 )

Would really like to see an update to ToDo 8!  

Myself & a few others here have used ToDo since launch and don't mind paying for the service as ToDo 8 is still well worth every penny.

However the current ToDo 9 has gone too far away from original function & user interface for us.

Will we see an un update to ToDo 8 so that it remains functional as Apple releases iOS 10 ? or does Appigo plan on abandoning ToDo 8 as is? 

Please let us know so we can be prepared to migrate to other task management methods in advance. 



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No answers here since three months?

I'm still on iOS 9, fearing that Todo 8 will have problems or won't work at all after the upgrade.

So, will there be an update?

Or can somebody at least tell us, if version 8 will still work on iOS 10?

I also am using Todo for a very long time, long before version 7 (so I even payed twice already).

Todo is one of my most important and most used Apps, and I use it without putting my personal data into any cloud!

BTW, see also

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