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Todo 8.2.8 the last Todo version?

I have no need for Todo Cloud. There's just my handheld and my Desktop Outlook that I sync to.

The Todo app has not been updated in just about a year now, has it reached the end of it's 'life'?

Just Wondering



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Couldn't express it better: I have no need for Todo Cloud.

Todo 8 is (besides some minor things) what I need and use every single day, I don't need – and don't want! – any cloud connections!!

I even don't sync to the desktop (Mac).

And that newest version of ToDo Cloud even forces one into creating an account even for the free (cloud-less) version (which, besides, locks some essential features of version 8)!

That's kidnapping my data (that at least would go over flawlessly) and using them for blackmailing me!

I mean: I have already payed twice for Todo, as I already bought it first before version 7!! Don't get me wrong, I'm willing to pay for new versions with new features, that I want/need – but no subscription for services I don't want.

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