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Watch Support

Looks like watch support disappeared in the most recent IOS update. Any ETA on bringing that back? We used that quite a bit and are missing it now.

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Hi Jason, 

The old watch app was built using old watchOS SDK. Please rest assured the updated version is coming back better (and faster) than before in a future update. 

There's no ETA at the moment but this will be released very soon. 



Any update on this?

Hi David, 

Our team still has plans to have this update released however we're not able to provide a timeframe. 

2 years seems a long time to not give any response. I’m teetering on the brink of changing to another app which is a shame. Appreciate if you could say when this functionality is available please.

I also am looking for an update for the watch. Its seems like this isnt being addressed. Will switch to one that works if its not. ETA?

Hi Matthew, 

I can confirm that the WathcOS app is now currently being worked on. We do not yet have an ETA, however this should be available very soon. 

Thank you for your patience, and thanks for choosing Appigo Todo 

I purchased this app specifically because it’s listed as having Apple Watch support, yet apparently you haven’t actually had watch support for over two years. This should be fixed on the App Store page. You say over two years ago that it is coming “very soon”, then say the same thing two days ago. I hope you understand that we may not have much of any faith in your claim at this point. I would advise giving customers some sort of ETA or else I will unfortunately have to get this app refunded as my needs require watch support.
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