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Task creation issue in new iOS update (not able to enter details)

I submitted a ticket on this, but the response was unsatisfactory. I was simply told to remove the app from my iPad and reinstall. That didn't solve the problem.

I usually need to set details on new tasks, like due dates, repeat options, tags, etc. And I need to be able to set those details right when I'm creating the new task. But with the new iOS update I'm not able to do this consistently. Often I need to press the Done button and then search for the task so I can adjust the details. This is very inconvenient and certainly not an "improvement."

Today I figured out what is happening. My default list for task creation is Inbox. If I am creating a task when I'm in the Inbox list, there is an area just above the keyboard that I can touch to bring up the details entry screen. If I am creating a task from any other list (ex. if the Everything or any other list is the active one), that detail-entry area just isn't there to select.

The only work-around I can see right now is to create a list called New, and make that my default list for task creation. Then I'll know exactly where the new task is. If I get interrupted, it won't get lost in my roughly 200 tasks and I'll be able to finish entering the details later. But, I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DO THIS!

Please fix the app so that the detail-entry area is present no matter what list you are in when you are creating a task!!!

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