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Can't see app in Apple Watch anymore

I was using todo cloud on Apple Watch until last update. Now I can't see it anymore. Why is this?. Will I Continue to see it in the future?

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I see the ToDo for the apple watch in the App Store is it a paid app now?

Why is this thread being ignored by Appigo support? 

Hi Everyone, 

Apologize for not responding soon, at the moment the Todo Cloud Watch  Apple Watch App has temporarily been pulled and will return very soon in an upcoming update. Please rest assured that it is coming back better (and faster) than before. 



Any update on this?  I just got an Apple Watch and would really like to have access to ToDo Cloud.

Just got an Apple Watch. When will Watch app for cloud be ready?

Hi Austin, 

At the moment we do not have a set timeframe however our team will be providing an update in the near future. 

Hi everyone, 

Our team is currently wrapping up launching a redesigned Todo Cloud Web, Mac and Android app. Once these updates have been launched we'll be able to dedicate more time to the return of the Watch App. 

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. 



I've been using Todo for many years. I find the watch app extremely useful. It's now been well over a year that people have been asking and still no watch app for Todo Cloud. And now it seems that I have to switch from Todo to Todo Cloud because Dropbox is changing. I don't mind the annual fee but I do mind not having a watch app any more. If you're going to release a watch app, please let us know. If not, tell us so we can move on.


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