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dynamic tags filtering in todo cloud 9 for iOS

In my humble opinion, one important added value of Todo from Appigo vs competitors was the fast tag filtering of tasks with almost one touch. So you had a pool of tasks and you could very fast apply several tag filters around, even date filters, to instantly see the related tags. The "smart" lists are static. I cannot setup a smart list for all the tag combinations I would need at any given moment. I have tags to cover these topics: - Project: project1 project2 ... projectN - Department: sales, marketing, quality .... - Stage: inbox, next, waiting for ... - Context tag: call, email, meeting... (agreed we don't need Contexts if we can use tags, simple is better because faster) Before the upgrade I could in any situation QUICKLY apply the filter project1+marketing+next+meeting+(several dates) and instantly see the tasks I needed. I am very glad Appigo added the smart lists feature (useful for the filter combinations I use often) but it is already offered by other todo managers and they have removed the differentiating fast filters. Can Appigo tell the users if they thing this is the right move, so we can decide to wait by keep using Todo 8 or change ?

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Just wondering if anyone has found a solution? I need the same ability of multi tag filtering. Thanks.

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