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How do i unhide checked items

Every time I check an item, it goes away. I want them to remain at the bottom of lists and "grayed" out. They used to do this but not any more - they just go away. I have played around with all of the setting la and cannot seem to figure it out. Thanks!

Hi Chris, 

You can have completed tasks shown for a list by tapping the Show completed tasks button at the bottom of your list. 

Hi Keno, I don't see where this option is located. Can you please be more specific? Thanks.


Hi Chris, 

Could you please send me your diagnostic report from Todo?


You can email it to me by following the steps below:

-In Todo, tap on the settings button/Your Name

-Tap on "Information"

-Tap on "Diagnostics"

-Scroll down to the very bottom, and tap on "Email Diagnostic Report"

-Read the instructions of the popup message and tap on "Email"

-Please include the description of the problem you are having or the ticket ID of your support case

-When you are ready to email your Diagnostic Report, tap on "Send"

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