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How can I merge 2 contexts ?


I'm new to ToDo, so please forgive me if I'm asking an obvious question : I love the fact that you can assign a contect to a new task simply by typing @contextname in the task name. Yet, if I make a simple mistake like typing @ContextName, ToDo will create a new, duplicate context.

How could I :

- prevent the creation of a new context simply because of incorrect case-sensitive input ?

- if that happens, come back and merge the 2 contexts without reassigning all the tasks one by one ?

Thank you for your help,

Hi Laurent, 

Its not possible to merge the context, you'll be required to manually have the context changed. You can change the context for multiple tasks at once by tapping the multi-edit icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right > select all your tasks > tap next > select @Context > choose the context you'd like to assign to the selected tasks. 



OK, thank you for your reply.

Would you consider a future change in the way contexts, lists and so on work so as not to create a new one when a simple upper/lower case typo is done ?


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