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Done updating message appears

In iOS I constantly have to click ok everytime there is a sync.  This didn't happen before the recent update and is very annoying.

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Hi Nick, 

We've released an update which should resolve this bug, please update to version 10.0.4 from the iOS app store to get this resolved. 



I have updated to 10.0.4 for Todo cloud and still get this message whenever a task is updated or added.  I'm currently running IOS 11

Could you send us your diagnostic report from Todo Cloud, you can do this by: 

- Opening Todo Cloud
- Tap your name in the top left (to enter the app's settings screen)
- Select Diagnostics
- Scroll to the end of the screen
- Select Email Diagnostic Report
- Select Include tasks to send a copy of your tasks database, or choose DO NOT Include Tasks
- Select Email
- Select Send
My issue has been resolved. There were several tasks that had to be removed according to the log.
Every time I open the app I have to hit ok several times because it says “done updating”. Very frustrating.
I’m having the same problem

Wayne, thanks for sending us your diagnostic report. Please let men now when you get a chance to follow the steps in my email. 

I am also having the same issue regarding the Done Updating message appearing. I will send my diagnostic report. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
I’m having the same problem - it just keeps popping up “done updating” every few seconds

Hi Cam, kindly follow the steps above to submit your diagnostic report to us so we can investigate further. Thanks. 

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