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Upgrade not possible!?

I downloaded ToDo Cloud on my iPhone and I love it. But now I saw my account will expire in 2 weeks. I'd be willing to upgrade but the button isn't working. I don't want to lose all of the work I have invested in setting up my lists and tasks etc. How can I upgrade in order to continue using your app? Thanks!!

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I have same issue as Eva; unable to upgrade. I have all of the features however I have not provided CC or completed the purchase process.
Upgrade button still does nothing on iOS (v10.0.4). Will need to buy via desktop version....

Hi Andrew, 

I'm seeing that your account has been upgraded, please feel free to reach out to us via support ( if you need any further assistance. 



Same issue as above. Button to upgrade does nothing and there appear to be more features I’d really love to access
I have the same question as above, only I see that there are features that I can’t access b’c I don’t have premium, however, when I press the button to upgrade it does nothing. How can I upgrade? Or do I have to wait until it expires?

Hi Eva, 

I'm seeing that your account has renewed, are you unable to sync your iOS device? 

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