Todo Cloud for Android Update - 1st BETA

We’re very excited to release to you the first BETA version of our upcoming Todo Cloud app for Android. We’ve got a few different teams working feverishly to bring you updated versions of the app on different platforms and thank you for your patience.

Please be aware that this is BETA SOFTWARE and you should use at your own risk. Be specifically cautions manipulating tasks that contain extremely important information, complex recurrence rules, or other properties out of the ordinary. While we have attempted to test many different areas of the app, we can’t guarantee that it’s perfect yet. 


Here are some of the major features we’re still planning to implement:

1. Drag and drop scheduling with the calendar

2. Expand/collapse the calendar

3. Print multiple tasks

4. Location-based reminder

5. Accessing sharing options while editing a task

6. Adding comments to a task

7. Quick menu: the "Print" and "List" options aren’t yet implemented

8. Some task filters may not work

Like always, we love hearing from you. Please let us know what you like, what you don’t, and if you hit any problems, please let us know by reporting the issue on this forum thread or here: via the beta group.


You can download the app here:


Thank you!


Awesome! Thanks for working on an update! Will definitely be checking this out

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