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Todo Cloud for Android Update - 1st BETA

We’re very excited to release to you the first BETA version of our upcoming Todo Cloud app for Android. We’ve got a few different teams working feverishly to bring you updated versions of the app on different platforms and thank you for your patience.

Please be aware that this is BETA SOFTWARE and you should use at your own risk. Be specifically cautions manipulating tasks that contain extremely important information, complex recurrence rules, or other properties out of the ordinary. While we have attempted to test many different areas of the app, we can’t guarantee that it’s perfect yet. 


Here are some of the major features we’re still planning to implement:

1. Drag and drop scheduling with the calendar

2. Expand/collapse the calendar

3. Print multiple tasks

4. Location-based reminder

5. Accessing sharing options while editing a task

6. Adding comments to a task

7. Quick menu: the "Print" and "List" options aren’t yet implemented

8. Some task filters may not work

Like always, we love hearing from you. Please let us know what you like, what you don’t, and if you hit any problems, please let us know by reporting the issue here:  the beta group.


You can download the app here:


Thank you!


So I've been using the new beta for a little over a week and thought I'd share some feedback. Glad to see the interface catching up to the iOS one, definitely has a better look and feel to it! Here are some of the issues I came across, not sure how many of these are already known as I can't access that beta group on facebook but I'll list them anyways.

Thanks again for working on an updated version! Definitely appreciated :)

- On first sign in: loading icon is hidden behind "Sign in" button, afterwards it shows the next screen with the lists (Inbox, Smart Lists, Lists) and I'm pretty sure it's loading/syncing the data but there's no visual indication of it or any indication of what's happening. I also tried clicking on any of the lists but nothing happens. But after a few minutes, sure enough all my tasks appear and clicking works again.

- selecting lists is very slow to load. Or maybe doesn't register? Half the times I have to press the list again for it to load.

- there's no visual or color indication of which 'List' each task belongs to on any of the 'Smart List' views.

- Syncing often takes several minutes to complete. I use the desktop version as much as the mobile and sometimes after making updates on my desktop, I open my mobile and do a refresh it shows the loading indicator for up to 5 minutes before everything is up to date.

- Search does not work

- 'Focus' and 'Important' smart lists are duplicated and I haven't figured out how to delete a smart list?

- Previous app does a refresh on a fresh open of the app but noticed that's gone, is there a setting for this or was it just removed?

- the app overall feels a bit more sluggish compared to the previous version, I'm not sure if it's actually slower or if it's the animations that makes me feel like it's slower tho :P

And a request if I can :). The calendar view on the desktop is so incredibly useful for me personally (where you can filter tasks by clicking specific dates on the calendar), would be awesome if mobile had this as well!

Hi Kenneth, 

Thanks a lot for the feedback and suggestion, I'll have this share with our team we've made several improvements and have newer and faster build available here:

Please feel free to take it for a spin. 

- You should be able to delete a smart list by swiping left on the list, the selecting the delete button. 

Hello, I am testing this beta as well and noticed (new build).... * Search does not work. I am not sure if this is meant to be that way or a male function on my end (currently testing on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with Android 4.4). * Context are not available (very useful for me on current official build).

Hi Nicolas, could you try out latest version here:

Also, Contexts have been automatically converted to tags. We found that for most people, keeping tags and context separate created a minor benefit and a lot of confusion. As a plus, you can do same types of things with tags that you did with contexts. 

Here are some helpful articles that will help you get the most out of the new Todo Cloud:

The August 8th build is not able to be installed on my device. It just says "Can't open file"

Is there a problem with the link? Each download comes to only 196kB or so and doesn't install on my phone.
Is there a problem with the Dropbox link? The 08.08 file size that downloads on my phone is only 197kB. This seems incomplete as I get a message that there is a problem parsing the file.

I've been using the 8 Aug build for a few days now and here are some observations:

- It is very very slow. I have 256 tasks (some have upto 20 sub-tasks)

- 2 features I really miss compared to iOS & Mac versions: 

(i) can't select Date and see Tasks for that date (Smart filter work around is too clumsy and inefficient)

(ii) can't re-order tasks by dragging   

Please submit your Google Play Store email address to us at: so that we can enrol you in the public beta which will allow you to install the app directly from the Play Store. 

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