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Weird behaviour with notes

I have just moved from Todo6 to Todo 8 on iOS.

There seems to be some strange behaviour when I'm adding a note to an item. It seems that two notes get added. If I add text on the first screen that comes up and hit Done, I'm then faced with another blank note. I need to type the same text again. If I don't, then the first note I typed is lost forever. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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This is happening to me, also. And the note I write won’t stick unless I first close the second blank note screen that pops up.

When I start to add a note using iPhone iOS 11, ToDo , I see that ToDo actually adds two blank notes immediately, before I type.  If I type on the open blank page, then go back to the app, the note is not visible.  Through trial and error I learned that if I hit delete on that second blank page, then it shows the first blank page, where I can type a note and see it from the main page.

Is Todo ever going to fix this?  It has been this way a very long time.

Yes, developers. Qhen are you going to fix this? The “broken windows” effect applies to apps as well as physical spaces. Long-standing appearance of neglect, makes the whole place seem shabby.
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