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To Do 6 - no longer compatible w/iOS 11.0.3

For my iPhone and I can’t open it. Can I upgrade to something or get my list somehow?

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Hi Niki, 

Were you previously syncing Todo 6 with a sync service ? 

If you were not previously syncing with a sync service, or do not have the most up-to-date information with that sync service and you are unable to use the app in its current state to initiate a sync. We will need to extract the data stored in Todo 6 on your iPhone and import it to Todo 8. 


To recover your data you will first need to extract the Todo file from you iTunes back up.

If you have not previously done so, please backup your iPhone in iTunes.


Follow the steps below: 

On a WINDOWS Computer:

    * Download and install the iPhone Backup Extractor:

    * Open the iPhone Backup Extractor, select your device and a date from the drop-down menu, and click 'Expert Mode'

    * Under 'Backup details' expand Application > com.appigo.todo > Library > Application Support > Appigo Todo

    * Check the box next to 'AppigoTodo_v13.sqlitedb' and click 'Extract selected'

    * Choose the destination to save the file

    * Your file will be saved in the location you selected in a folder named 'Application'

    * Inside 'Application' the database is at com.appigo.todo\Library\Application Support\Appigo Todo\AppigoTodo_v13.sqlitedb

    * Please save this file 



On a MAC Computer:

    * Sync your iOS device with with iTunes

    * Download the iPhone Backup Extractor:

    * Extract and open the iPhone Backup Extractor

    * Once it is open, click on 'Read Backups' and then select your device and a date

    * Select the 'com.appigo.todo' package and click 'Extract'

    * Select a location to extract to and click 'Extract here'

    * In the Finder window that opens go to com.appigo.todo > Library > Application Support > Appigo Todo

    * You will see a file named 'AppigoTodo_v13.sqlitedb'; please save this file


If you encounter any problems with the iPhone Backup Extractor please visit this link:


- Make sure you have the latest version of Todo installed

- Launch the latest version of iTunes on your desktop

- Plug your iOS device into your computer using a USB cable

- Follow the steps published by Apple to access iTunes File Sharing:

- Upload all of the AppigoTodo_vXX.sqlitedb files into the iTunes File Sharing location for the Todo/Todo Cloud app (requires Todo/Todo Cloud version 8.2.2 or newer)

- Launch the Todo/Todo Cloud app on your iOS device

- Inside the app, tap the Settings button

- Tap the Information option

- Tap the Diagnostic option

- Scroll down to the bottom of the Diagnostics screen and tap the Replace Task Data button


The AppigoTodo_vXX.sqlitedb files you placed into the app using iTunes File Sharing will show up on the screen. Select the file that best represents the latest version of your tasks by tapping on the file name. If you have multiple files, look at the last modification date, file size, and the number of tasks shown right underneath the name of the file to determine which file to choose.

- Tap the Import Database File button


IMPORTANT: Before proceeding, please know that restoring tasks will clear out ALL tasks that currently show in your app by replacing them with the tasks in the AppigoTodo_vXX.sqlitedb file you've selected

- Confirm your selection by tapping the Replace Tasks button. The tasks from the backup file will be restored into your app

- Exit out of the Settings and return to the main screen of your app to view the tasks that were restored 

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