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“Done Updating” Message Reappearing

The “ToDo Cloud Updating. Done Updating” message appears every 10 seconds or so. It is extremely difficult to get anything done on this app. This glitch began about 2 weeks ago for me and my husband. We both have iPhones.

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Could you send us your diagnostic report from Todo Cloud, you can do this by: 

- Opening Todo Cloud
- Tap your name in the top left (to enter the app's settings screen)
- Select Diagnostics
- Scroll to the end of the screen
- Select Email Diagnostic Report
- Select Include tasks to send a copy of your tasks database, or choose DO NOT Include Tasks
- Select Email
- Select Send
I have had to re-install twice so far this week; each time requiring 30 minutes to fix all the settings. Why can’t this problem be fixed after YEARS of occurrences?
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