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Ordering of Inbox Tasks from Reminders Sync

 I have been using ToDo Cloud for years, and find it extremely efficient.  I use it on both my iPhone and my Mac, and sync between them.  I use Siri to record most of my 'reminders' via "Siri - Remind me to <task here>" which then sync over to become Tasks in my Inbox on both devices. 

Later, when I can either use my Mac or my iPhone, I further refine these inbox Tasks with due date, priority, tags, etc. 

Right now, it seems the only way these get ordered is alphabetical. 

I would like to order these Inbox Tasks based on their time of entry, not Alphabetical (which seems to be the only option).  Alphabetical just makes no sense ... especially when they are entered via audible data entry, and often there are grammatical and recognition errors that make it simply "phonetically close, but no cigar". 

Is there a way to do order Inbox entries based on time of entry, or is this a Feature request?

Either way, would be happy to get a response and some clarity on how I can keep using this product with this one slight irritant. 

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