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Keno Butler
Keno Butler Admin

Thank you for joining us in our community forums. We want our forums to be a friendly place where everyone can enjoy participation.

Since the community forums are sponsored by us, we ask that you follow the guidelines below when participating. If you choose not to follow them, your posts may be edited or removed, or you may lose your ability to participate with a disabled account (we'd prefer that never to happen!).

Please follow these rules of participation:

  1. Everyone should feel welcome in the forums. If you disagree with something, that's perfectly fine, but please respond respectfully. We've all seen examples of bad forum behavior. Don't be "that guy" who makes him/her-self or others look foolish by insulting, belittling, or forcing your opinions on others.
  2. No spam allowed.
  3. No "bump" posts, "first here", etc. posts.
  4. Illegal content prohibited. This includes breaking ours or other companies' non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements, etc.
  5. If you notice a post as inappropriate, please let us know by submitting a new support ticket.
  6. Stay on topic. Your new road bike might be extremely awesome (and we'd love to see it), but please stay on topic for the forum you're writing in.
  7. Forum posts are public, for all to see. Do NOT post or communicate anything that should be private (for example, usernames or passwords).
  8. Please do not suggest actions for moderators about banning, moderating, complaints in the forums. If you need to alert us of a problem, please submit a new support ticket.
  9. Posts containing references to competing products as examples of features are allowed.  Posts recommending competing products will be removed.

We're excited to have you participate! Thanks for your continued support and we'll see you in the forums!

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