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Screen keeps shifting to different list

Todo Cloud on the web v. 10.5.11 has developed an annoying problem for the last few weeks - whenever I enter a new task or complete a task, the screen on refresh shifts to a different list than the one I am working on -- usually the same list, and possibly the last new one I created. I'm using Windows 10 Pro, it happens on both Edge 87.0.664.52 64-bit and  Firefox 83.0 64-bit. Anyone else seeing this?

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Hi Bruce, Beavis: 

We've fixed this bug, kindly check if you are still having the problem and let us know. I'll await your response. 


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I have the exact problem and it is making Todo cloud unusable for me! it also happens on Chrome browser.  Appigo, please respond. I have paid for todo cloud for years but I cannot use todo cloud anymore like this.

Hello Bruce and Beavis, 

Thanks for reaching, very sorry to hear that you're facing this problem. We'll get this problem resolved in the next update. This update is slated for release in 2-3 weeks, if we can get it out sooner we'll certainly do that. 


Hi Bruce, Beavis: 

We've fixed this bug, kindly check if you are still having the problem and let us know. I'll await your response. 


the bug is NOT fixed. the problem is the same. I have closed my browser, restarted it, and tried. and the exact same problem is there.

to recreate: open one list (list A), click on one item to edit the detail, change the due date. When due date is changed, the screen refreshes completely, and is open to Another list (say, list B).

The screen should not refresh at all when the due date is changed. Even if it is refreshed and remain on the same list (which it is not now), it would jump to the top of the list and make the user lost the last position on the list he was working on.

Please fix. thank you.

Thanks for the quick follow-up! Something seems to have changed, but I'm still having the issue in Edge. (I haven't tried Firefox again.) I completed a repeating checklist in my Focus smart list, and on refresh it didn't switch lists. I'm pretty sure that's an improvement from before. I created a news repeating checklist to confirm, and again it didn't switch. But completing a task in a regular list, or completing a non-repeating task in a smart list, or creating a task in any list, still switches me to another folder -- a different folder than previously, but it is still switching. I tried both existing tasks and a new one I just created just now.

Hello Bruce, Beavis. 

Can you try clearing your browser cache or opening your browser in an Incognito/Private window and checking and letting me know the outcome? Thanks. 

cleared Chrome browser cache. Same problem.

I logged out in Edge and cleared all ToDo Cloud cookies, logged back in and still have the problem there. But in both Firefox and Edge, I did NOT experience the issue in a Private window.

Bruce, thanks for replying. Clearing the cookies only for Todo Cloud won't necessarily clear the stored caching. Since the issue does not happen in a private window it still could indicate that you need to do a full purge of your browser cache. 

Also, Beavis, when you cleared chrome's cache, were you logged out of the Todo Cloud app when you revisited the site? 

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