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Apple Watch integration


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Hello Kevin, 

We have the Apple Watch app the code however is a bit old so we need to do a complete refactoring to republish the app. We do not have an ETA at the moment but I've added your vote to our internal request that we are tracking. 

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When can we expect to see todo cloud on the Apple Watch?  It’s the only thing that is keeping this from being perfect for me. :)

Hello Shell, 

It is on our roapmap for June of this year. Please stay tuned!

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Thank you.  I can’t wait.  I keep going and trying other apps and I keep coming back to this one.  I’ve been with you guys for so many years.  

I first used this app in 2015.  It’s great, but I think it’s ridiculous that it still does not have an Apple Watch app. This feature has been requested many times, and it’s high time it’s completed.

You're welcome Shell! 

Hi Harold, thank you for being patient I completely understand your frustration with not having an Apple Watch app for so long. This is a priority for us now and we will be doing everything to get this update out. 

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