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Glitch in iOS App

Sometimes when I am editing a task on my iPhone, it will glitch, erase my changes, and move the cursor to the end of the task. It's happening pretty frequently the last few weeks. Anything that can be done? I've been paying for todo premium and would really rather not switch to a different todo app (I love this one!) but I cannot function like this. Thanks!

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You're welcome, George. I can confirm this has now been fixed so please look out for the next update in a week or two. 

Hi Aaron, I'm very sorry to hear about the problem you're having. Is there any way that you could capture this in a screen-recording and send the video to us? This will help us get to the root of the problem quicker. 

 Absolutely! A sample screen recording is attached. This was an example when I had just marked a task as complete but it also happens sometimes when I had just edited a different task. Thanks for looking into it!!


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Any update on this issue as it is happening to me too via iPhone app. Very annoying and takes twice as long to edit a task. Only work around is to type nonsense where you place your cursor and wait for it to erase and jump to end of line (will always do it - 100% of the time) and then move your cursor again and perform real edit as it only seems to do it once per edit mode session (a few seconds after you start typing). I also started looking at other apps but I will have to say outside of glitches every now and then - some worse than others (like this one) todo is really the best task management tool out there. I am on latest iOS 14.3. Please fix this as I really want to stay with appigo. Thanks!!

Thanks so much for the video, Aaron. We're extremely sorry for the trouble George. Our lead iOS developer is looking into this and we'll work on having this fixed in our January update. We're sorry for all the trouble. 

Thank you for taking care of it! Looking forward to the January update.

Awesome! Thank you very much for looking into and resolving the glitch with the January update; great customer service!! And thank you Aaron for sending the video capture. Have a happy new year!

You're welcome, George. I can confirm this has now been fixed so please look out for the next update in a week or two. 

Thank you for the update and quick turn around! Do I have to do anything special to get the update or is it automatically deployed to my device the next time I open after available? Basically, is it push or pull? Thanks!

You're welcome. The update was release this morning, but you'll need to go to the App Store, navigate to the update section and pull down to refresh. From there have the app updated and kindly report back if you still notice the problem. 

Hi Keno - as George said, thank you so much for your quick attention to this problem. Unfortunately, I just downloaded the update and the bug was not fixed for me :(

I think it might have to do with the app syncing to the cloud? Like if I create a new task and try to edit a different task right after, I get the glitch

Hi Aaron, thanks for spotting that, it does appear to be similar to the previous bug, I was able to reproduce it following the steps you provided. I've detailed it to our developers. 

Thank you!! Happy New Year!

It is working for me (cannot reproduce glitch). I will post if I find any issues with the fix. Thanks
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