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Glitch in iOS App

Sometimes when I am editing a task on my iPhone, it will glitch, erase my changes, and move the cursor to the end of the task. It's happening pretty frequently the last few weeks. Anything that can be done? I've been paying for todo premium and would really rather not switch to a different todo app (I love this one!) but I cannot function like this. Thanks!

Best Answer

You're welcome, George. I can confirm this has now been fixed so please look out for the next update in a week or two. 

Thanks for letting us know George, if you ever see the problem coming back do let us know. 

It was mostly fixed for me, thank you so much!

It now glitches in a much more manageable way (see attached video) where the little "completion" circle to the left of the task name goes black and it pauses for second before you can keep going. I can live with this so no need for any urgent fix but I just wanted to bring it to your attention for later updates!

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