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Posted over 3 years ago by Greg Anastas

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Greg Anastas

Hey ToDo Community, long time/first time! I'm trying to create Smart Lists in ToDo where I'm filtering tasks by tag, but if I have tasks with multiple tags, it doesn't filter correctly. So for example, I have 5 employees, and I'm tagging my tasks by the person. Then I have Smart Lists that are supposed to filter by the person. So I have 15 tasks for Holly, 5 that apply to the whole team and 10 that only apply to her. My Smart List for Holly is only showing the 10 that are tagged to her and her alone.

How do I address that? Thanks!

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Keno Butler

Keno Butler posted over 2 years ago Admin

Hello Greg, 

Please keep in mind when adding a tag filter to a smart list at the very top of the tags filter screen, you’ll see these two main options:
  1. Match all: In programmer’s terms, this is an AND. All of the tags you select must be included for a task to match. For example, if you choose this option and selected the tags school, math, and homework, only tags that have all three of these tags would appear in your Smart List.
  2. Match any:This is the typical OR filter you’d use when programming. If a task has any of the tags you specify, it will appear in your Smart List.

I hope this helps. 

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