Req 1. Default due date = next workday M-F; Req 2. and also week on/week off repeating events

Posted over 2 years ago by Michael Zeoli

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Michael Zeoli

I love your app. I have built my personal organization around it for many years now. I have been a cloud subscriber for many years. I have recently started a job that needs a lot of organization for me to succeed so naturally I am using todo. I’d love it if I could set the default due date for certain lists to not just be tomorrow but to be the next workday, and also to be able to have this option in the quick menu that pops up when I press and hold a task. This is a totally separate request. I’d also love it if I could create daily repeating events but that were every other week, like an A/B week on/Week/off cycle, like a joint child custody situation which I have. My weeks with my son are markedly different than the ones without, and I rely on todo to help me plan and manage things when he’s here. Thank you for your consideration.

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