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Show Overdue in Widget & Persistent Reminders

Two questions:

Is it possible to show overdue items in the iOS widget versus just the current or upcoming ones? 

Is it possible to persistently show due/overdue items on the lock screen of iOS devices until they have been marked as completed?

I'm not sure if the above questions are just limitations of the Basic version.

Hello Rjung, 

You can enable showing overdue tasks on the Todo Cloud widget, by tapping and holding on the widget >> Edit Widget >> enable the toggle for Overdue. 

The notification will disappear if you've interacted with the notification, are you wanting it to persists unless the task is completed? 

I hope this helps. 

Hi, thanks for the tip. I was also hoping to have persistent reminders both in the widget as well as the Lock Screen until an overdue task is marked as completed.

Hi Rjung, I've relayed this to our dev team which we are now tracking as a feature request. 

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