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App crashes when new tasks are added

Every time I'm trying to add a new task with starting date and due date, the app crashes. This bug can be reproduced and should be fixed. Best regards, Karen

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My app is crashing almost every time I add a new task in Mac OS 10.10.1

 We have submitted an update to Apple and it currently waiting to be reviewed. We believe the Holiday has delayed their review process. We are hoping the update will be reviewed and approved this week so we can get it to the app store.

I upgraded to an iPhone 7/iOS10 two weeks ago. Ever since then, whenever I try to add a new task in the app, the app crashes. It is very reproducible.

Hi Debbie, 

 Could you please send me your diagnostic report from Todo?

You can email it to me by following the steps below:

-In Todo, tap on the settings button
-Tap on "Information"
-Tap on "Diagnostics"
-Scroll down to the very bottom, and tap on "Email Diagnostic Report"
-Read the instructions of the popup message and tap on "Email"
-Please include the description of the problem you are having or the ticket ID of your support case
-When you are ready to email your Diagnostic Report, tap on "Send"

I am having this problem to. It appears it happened about two years ago and was resolved then with an update. If support is reading these posts please consider the same update again because it appears up the upgrade of one of the last versions of iOS 10 it has triggered the same problem.

Hi Shane, 

Could you follow the steps outlined above to send us your diagnostic report. 

Thanks, we'll be standing by. 

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