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[Todo Cloud Web] 24hr clock in the web client

 Having a 24hr clock in the web client would be very helpful. You could then just allow for a simpler/quicker time entry. If I were to type '14' and then save, the assumption would be that this with the other two blank entries equate to 1400hrs (02:00pm).

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Yo también Pienso que el Horario 24 horas es más Rápido y Práctico. Nos ahorramos tener que añadir AM o PM en cada programación.

It's a must have for at least us non-americans that are using Todo.

If the app can do it - the web should too!

We are currently working on updates for Todo for Mac and Todo Cloud Web that will bring them more inline with the latest iOS version of Todo. We have it recorded to be sure to add 24hr support.


Ok I was really, really, really patient with this issue. I waited one year and another year for this so simple but so much needed feature.

Now another year passed by and no update on this 24h feature?

Please we need an update here. I just renew my premium sub but this time for the last time. I am european and i have 24h hours, i can use the 24h format everywhere except ToDo Cloud Web App ... can't be that hard to bringt it on?


We sincerely apologize for the delay in the update for Todo Cloud Web. This past year Todo and Appigo have undergone some transitions. You can read more about this here:
I assure you that the web client is being worked on an a major update is coming. The update is going to be released in phases. The first phase is going to be to bring the look and feel of the web more in line with Todo on iOS and Mac. Once that has been completed the next phase is going to be implementation of missing functionality such as the 24hr time.

Great news Jeff. Good to hear that you have fresh money on board. I believe that you have a great team out there and a very good foundation to build on. I gave a try lately and compared to Appigos service you really don't need to hide with your service which is underestimated by people looking for task management solutions i think.

But Appigo really needs to speed up development on some basic (core) features which are show stoppers at their current state. I am looking forward to your further development as you said! Great news!

Would also be useful to be able to hit return and have the (24H-format!) time entered rather than having to do a mouse click.

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