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Starred tasks at top of lists

With my Todo workflow, it would be very helpful if there were an option to automatically bring all starred tasks to the top of all lists (basically, treat starred tasks the same as tasks with high priority). I'm not sure if this would be useful for others, but I personally find myself using stars to signify importance instead of the actual priority settings, as it just keeps things simpler for me.

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This would be very useful, but I wonder if the more globally useful solution is to instead provide more robust and personalized sorting and grouping options.  Currently the options are "Due date, priority" or "Priority, due date".  This is an area where Toodledo excels, letting each list be sorted by one more combinations of the metadata fields on an item.


I dont like the limited sort options either.  The older tasks (which may be stale) are at the top, and I have to scroll down to find today's tasks.  It would be better to have the most recent tasks at the top.

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