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Syncing without the Internet & Other Questions

I have several questions:

__ 1. Syncing - I have purchased ToDo and been using it on my iPhone for years but would also like to use it on my MacBook Pro and iPad but I don't want to sync over the internet to some cloud account. I recognize that this is a more limited approach and won't keep all devices synced at all times but I don't like having my information out on a server someplace. I want it on my devices only. Is there a way to do this? Is WiFI the method to do it only on my machines.

__ 2. I currently have version 6.2 on my IOS 7 enable iPhone 5. How do I update it to ToDo 7 ? Do I have to purchase the update because it is not showing a need to update ToDo on my iPhone

__ 3. Do I have to purchase a separate copy for my iPad or does that come with the purchase of the iPhone app I already have?

I look forward to your replys to these questions.

Regarding item 1, Syncing, I plug my iPhone into my laptop to sync Calendar items via iTunes and it works well.  I'd like to have the same functionality for Tasks because I don't always have WiFi available.  Your answer seems pretty absolute but it seems hard for me to believe that a USB connection can't be used to sync, although I've tried every manner of setting changes to no avail.  Is this truly the case?  If so, is Bluetooth an option?


1. Syncing - WiFi is the only sync method that does not have a cloud component. You would need to install Todo for Mac and then sync Todo on your iOS device to Todo for Mac using WiFi.

2. Todo 7 was designed specifically for iOS 7. It is considered and upgrade and not an update. Todo 6.2 has been updated to run on iOS 7 so you may continue to use Todo 6.2. If you would like the new look of Todo 7 you would need to purchase it. The nice thing about Todo 7 is it is a universal app so it will run on both your iPhone and iPad and only needs to be purchased once.

3. Todo 6.2 does have different versions for the iPhone and iPad, but Todo 7 is universal.


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