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This website is a mess

Hi Calvin, Boyd and Jeff,

to make a long story short. I searched a considerably amount of time to find the info which is hidden AT THE BOTTOM of this page:

I guess a lot of tickets you get per day are titled something like "Whats the diffrence between bla bla..." or "Where is the premium feature bla bla..."!

I would call myself very proficient with websites and retrieving information from them, because this is my everyday business. I would even claim that other pros have the same issue with your site. That may be the reason why your app doesn't appear in lots of app review sites. I more or less stumbled upon your app by accident. Thats actually unfortunate because it looks nice and has reasonable price. 

Well, maybe its just not my day today and everything is just fine here... 

Have a nice day...

Best regards


I agree. It's not just the home page. It's also when you are on your own to-do page: Top right are Twitter and Facebook buttons that I find totally distracting. See screenshot of my space below. Good bye productivity. I know, I know - I should not use a Facebook or ad blocker, but you know, it's my computer.

On the other hand I have to say that the IPad app is the most beautiful implementation of a todo list. Forget the Toodledoo app. To-do by Appigo for iOS totally rocks. iOS 7 is perfectly implemented.

I suspect there are 2 different development teams in place, perhaps even situated in two different locations on the globe. Two teams that are not very well coordinated.


I agree with Allistair!  I have been researching To Do apps all day and this website was the hardest to get the information I was looking for.  Lots of eye candy ... low on useful content ... mostly just marketing propoganda.

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