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[Windows] ToDo Application for Windows

The Web site support is good, but it would be much better to have a dedicated application for Windows as there is for Mac. Background synchronization via iCloud and Cloud 7 is, of course, critical.

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A windows app would be great.


Are they working on this?

Currently there has not been enough interest to merit building a windows application.


Hi, Jeff. Do you work for Appigo? Is your word the official stance of Appigo?

I cannot believe that there is not "enough interest" to build a Windows application for ToDo. This is a sorely missing part of the system. There's an application for Mac -- why not for Windows, particularly considering the relative market shares of the two platforms?

The Web app, to put it frankly, SUCKS. It is missing key features of the ToDo app for iPhone. We need a Windows application!

 I too do not believe there is not enough interest in a Windows application.  If there was one, it would very likely bring more people to ToDo.

I do work for Appigo. My word is not the final say by any means. You will note that the number of votes for this request is currently only at 13. Now by no means do any of the suggestions made in this forum have what most would consider a large number of votes, there is a significant difference between 58 (currently the top number of votes for any suggestion) and 13.

The cost of developing and maintaining a windows application is not warranted by the feed back we have thus far received. While we would like to believe that developing a windows application would bring more people to Todo, the market research we have does not indicate this would be the case. As it stands most windows users that wish to use a desktop task manager simply use Outlook.

I can assure you that we are working an update for Todo Cloud Web that will bring it more inline with Todo on the iOS.

I think if you would go to the Apple Support Communities and do a search on "How do i sync Outlook with iOS  Reminders PC?" or something along that line. You would see that there is a lot interest in trying to get Outlook Task to sync with our iPhones and iPads. I currently use Todo 7 to do get my task to my phone. You definitely have a great product. It would be even better if i could sync my Outlook Task with Todo Cloud. 

I would definitely vote for this if I knew how to vote for these suggestions.  A server based exchange would be the most transparent to the user and might attract a bigger base. (There are a lot of exchange servers out there!). 

I want it too !

Jeff, looking at the number of votes in a Forum to justify a course of action is hardly scientific. People have a tendency to ignore the forums when something they are looking for just isn't available.

Why don't you conduct a formal survey of your user base, and see if you get a different number of "votes" for a Windows application? I suspect strongly that you would.

How do you go about voting for such an app or interface?

Same here ... only desktop gadget to see the tasks every day and to only the basic functions like adding and checking them ...

Jeff Hammond, This is now one the top voted suggestions, especially if you combine votes (even disregarding duplicates) with the thread Windows app for Todo cloud, which currently has 47 votes.

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I also would very much like a Windows Application with Automatic sync to my cloud and iPad. I am now looking for an alternate application which will provide this function. I am a subscriber to your cloud application, but I will not renew this next year. Sorry....

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