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Copy lists

Sometimes you want to duplicate a whole list. You can duplicate tasks, projects, checklists, but no the lists themselves.

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Hello Brian, 

To duplicate a checklist please do the following: 

- Open Todo 

- Navigate to the list where the checklist is located

- Select the "hamburger icon" (three horizontal lines in the top right)

- Tap the circle that appears to the left the checklist

- Select Next

- Select the duplicate icon

Your checklist should now be duplicated, feel free to do as much times as necessary. 

How do you duplicate a checklist. I'm using version 8.2.8 and I haven't been able to find a way to duplicate a checklist. I can duplicate items within a checklist, but that's not what I want to do. I want to create a new checklist from an existing one.


What you might find to be helpful for what you have described is to use either a checklist or a project. You are able to duplicate projects and checklist at this time.


Either allow an entire list to be duplicated (so you can keep an unused "master list" to work from) or allow lists to be reset after they're completed. Many people including myself have weekly or monthly tasks that are done over and over. The same goes for a packing list or even a spring cleaning checklist for example. Marking things as done and then having to go back and unmark them is a waste of time. Time that a productivity app is supposed to be saving me. It seems like this feature is being asked for over and over. Why isn't appigo being responsive to this?
Please add this feature urgently - it's common sense. Thnx
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