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Ability to add sub-tasks to checklist or project from search results.

It would be nice to be able to add sub-tasks to a checklist or project at It's very inconvenient to search and then find out I have to manually go find it in a list to add a sub-task.

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It is often easiest to search for for an task and add sub-tasks... I couldn't agree more with this request.

Yes, this gets my vote too!

I was just getting on line to ask about this.  Desperately need something like this. 

I would add that it's not only about adding sub-tasks. You can't even activate the quick menu on a search result, which seems really silly. I get search results, and I want to postpone them via Quick Menu, but I can't do that. I have to exit search, manually find the item (what's the point of search??) and then postpone it.

Search results should be treated just like the items that they are, and not some special object that you can't do anything with, other than view it.


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