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Assigning Tasks to Users Not in ToDo

I wish I could assign a task to users that are not using ToDo and it sends them an email to manage the task(s) via a webpage.  I think this could be a marketing technique for you!

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This would be an amazing enhancement.  Easy for folks like me that work with people only willing to use their email to manage their day.  (grrrrr)  

Today, I assign tags for each person that may get the assignment because you can't assign a task to someone not using the product.  I will Email them the task, but of course I have to wait for the Email back saying it is complete.  The ideal situation is for them to simply click a single URL to mark it complete.

The marketing comment is dead on.  Certainly, many folks will start to use the product if their boss was assigning them tasks.

A paid account is not required in order to use Todo Cloud Web. If you invite someone a list so you can share tasks with them, they will be directed to Todo Cloud Web. If they sign up for a basic account you will be able to share the list with them and be able to assign tasks to them. For a list view of differences between a basic and premium Todo Cloud account please go here:

You have an interesting idea and I will try to get more information on whether or not it is feasible. The biggest draw back for trying to implement this functionality as you have described is security. This does not mean it is not possible, but we definitely do our very best to make sure you information is secure.


Hopefully, I still have your ear.  My thought process...

First off, I don't think that security is the primary focus for a feature like this.  The purpose would be to add productivity to the ToDo Cloud user.  That being said, security should always be part of the thought process.

1.  Create a "Guest" registration system using the person's email address as a key.  If a task is assigned to said Email... everyone is in good shape an a secure task has been assigned and can be completed.

2.  If you try to assign a task to an unregistered Email... RED WARNING appears and warns you before assigning the task it is not secure.  When person is sent an email with the task it would contain a single button to close the task to keep it simple.  It could also refer to any other tasks associated with that email address.  If more tasks are associated with this email address, the guest should be able to register and claim the tasks.  Didn't start secure, but are now.

I really do think this could have an added benefit to your customers and pull in additional customers.  That couldn't hurt.

Thank you, Jeff. I'm Aware of the free account. I do have all my admins register for one, but I'm not sure how many upgrade. The problem is I work with many volunteers. Ideally, I could assign any user to a task via their email. Embedded in the email would be the task's information and a link to mark the task as done. This would allow users to interface with my lists without creating an account. It would also increase your marketing reach via quality email campaigns that user initiated. It would also introduce potential users to your product.
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