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checklists in MAC version

I created a task in the mac version as a checklist, but I cannot find a way to enter the checklist items.  HELP..

I have the same question.

To add tasks to a checklist click on the checklist to select it. Once it is selected add a task and it will be placed in the checklist.


terrible way to add subtasks.

Please fix it so that you add subtasks by selecting the checklist and hitting return.

If your procedure isn't intuitive, its a bad design.

This appears the way checklists work in IOS.

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Enter creates the Checklist and tab adds subtasks:

1. Click the + sign to create a new task

2. Click on the Create Checklist icon 

3. Type new Task name and press enter

4. Type the subtask name and press the tab key

5. Continue adding more subtasks and pressing the tab key

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