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Shortcut for 'Next Working Day'

Hi, I love ToDo and the way it seamlessly integrates my To Do list on my MacBook, iPhone & iPad.

I have a suggestion for a potential improvement.  I often use the Quick Menu/Right Click Menu to postpone a task to tomorrow or next week.  What I would find useful would be a 'Next Working Day' option, so if it was a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it would postpone to Monday.  At the moment I have to actually go in and change the due date in these instances.  

This could be extended to allow you to specify which days you work and to take account of local holidays, etc. (e.g. Christmas Day).  This would be great, but a simple 'Fri/Sat/Sun postpones to Monday' feature would be a good start.

Keep up the good work with the product.  It really helps me organise my life!


Paul Drake

Web Development and Hosting, Northamptonshire, UK

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