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Visual management - the big picture !


My name is Shay. I've been trying to use your ToDo app for quite a long time now, along many years through many previous versions and on one hand it's pretty safe to say that the app has been improved significantly! However, there is one important big issue that keeps bothering me every time and every version as I try to manage my tasks with your app, and it seems you never really giving it much attention - the general appearance / GUI.

I really wish you could give the option (like many other competitor apps do) to view and manage tasks by "boards" or a different, more intuitive, view instead of a plain boring long list of grouped tasks... you should see a perfect example at the free app called Trelo or another example is CalenGoo - any calendar actually..

Obviously, the complexity of this feature may be endless (allowing users to apply themes and such) but I really wish I could have at least, for a start, a simple view of "boards" by different groups that allows me to drag and drop items between groups or dates – something more visual!! More friendly that allows me to see “the big picture” and stop searching or scrolling in an endless boring list of tasks like in a flat database.

Other than that your product is pretty impressive compared to others - functionallity speaking.


Best of luck,

Shay Lavi.

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