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IFTTT Channel

I would love to see an Channel.  If you aren't familiar with IFTTT, I would suggest you check it out.  It would allow a variety of triggers from sources to create a task.

For example...

  • SMS to IFTTT could generate a task
  • A new shortcut from a specific person can create a task.
  • Bad weather... a task to bring an umbrella
  • Garage door left open... task to scold the kids.
  • Etc, etc, etc

Here is their suggestion link.

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This is the only thing preventing me from moving from ToDo (legacy) to ToDo Cloud. I don't mind paying a subscription fee as long as I am getting significantly better capabilities and this is the one I am waiting for. Currently considering other task options that support IFTT, and there is one that is very close, but I would prefer to stay with ToDo. Any idea IF THIS will be supported so THAT I can upgrade to ToDo Cloud?

Would also love to see IFTTT and Zapier integration! Yes I can use email as a workaround but would be nicer to have direct integration.

+1 for me! I would love it too. 

@Eddie - Glad that helped. I agree with you - a dedicated IFTTT channel would be wonderful.

Well, that explains it. I don't have a gmail account, so never thought to use that channel. I created one for this specific purpose alone. Now, I can have folks send me an SMS message with a hashtag that represents them. New task is created tagged with their name even. I would still love to see an official IFTTT channel so I can delete this google account.

@Eddie - There are two email channels with IFTTT. One has a blue envelop and the the other is a gmail account envelop. Using my gmail account, I have two shared IFTTT recipes that you can search on to see how I did it. Search on Appigo or OutThereLabs. 

Yes, that is what I was thinking too.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work since the Email channel will only Email your account.  You can't point it towards the ToDo account.  I must be missing something simple.

I use the Email channel for other recipes and don't see a spot to add more than one.

IFTTT is amazing! I have IFTTT automagically send new tasks into ToDo using ToDo's assigned email. Go to your ToDo-Cloud account, Settings, Task Creation to see how it works and the subject line values. The Appigo Team has done a fantastic job of being able to parse the subject and put your ToDo away exactly as you want. 

Using IFTTT, I forward utility bills, free IOS app notices, and new Netflix movie events into my ToDo Cloud. Really easy - just forward whatever you want to your ToDo Email address.

HOWEVER, IFTTT also has the ability to also use data from iOS Reminders and other ToDo applications and websites as actionable events. At the moment, Appigo's ToDo does allow that. +1 for this functionality.

I hadn't thought about all the items in the product suggestions area this would provide a functioning alternative solution for. Good point.
I couldn't agree more!! I use IFTT for countless things. I'm currently using ToodleDo to add my tasks to my Calendar for scheduling, allows my team to text me and add a task. I can text tasks to employees, add a calendar event via email... It's the best thing since sliced bread!!  Add IFTT and it would probably eliminate half these items on the needs list. It allows everyone to focus on what they're best at and connect the various services.


Just on a side note. I'm willing to bet that doing this would bring you a large number of new users. IFTTT users love to try out the services of a new channel when it becomes available.

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